White Murphy Bed

The Murphy Bed by Portland Closet Co.

Space Saving Solutions for Homeowners

Looking for space-saving solutions that are functional and stylish? Our custom Wall Beds use the original mechanism designed and patented by the Murphy Bed Company.

  • Entertain out of town guests.
  • Let the spare room double as an office.
  • Maximize your square footage without a costly remodel.

Our innovative Murphy Beds are custom-built in Portland, Oregon, and convert your extra spaces into sleeping spaces with style. Our talented designers can help you create spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful, giving you the flexibility and space to entertain overnight guests anytime you choose.

Our Murphy Wall Beds are comfortable and built to last, with no need for regular maintenance. Because they are constructed using high-quality materials and designed to exceed typical engineering standards, our Murphy Beds are able to withstand daily use. To ensure maximum comfort, we always recommend outfitting our custom wall beds with a high-end mattress such as Simmons Beautyrest or Comforpedic Memory Foam. Any mattress up to 11 inches (28cm) thick will fit properly. Extending legs can also be added for compatibility with thicker mattresses.

Now let’s talk about value.

In a recent analysis of the current real estate market, where the average Portland condominium cost is $1000 a square foot, we estimate that replacing a regular queen-size bed with a Murphy Bed can free up $12k worth of space. This space-saving solution not only saves space, but adds value to your home.

Whether you are looking for vertical, side tilt, library wall bed, or stand-alone models, our Murphy Wall Beds are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your home and your lifestyle. With features such as flip-up desks, pull-out nightstands, and handy pillow cubbies, our beds are the perfect solution for all your space and storage challenges. With our wall bed systems, crowded rooms become spacious, order emerges from chaos, and life feels a whole lot easier.

Big gain, no pain!

Murphy Bed Mechanism Detail
Detail of the Murphy Bed Mechanism

The History of the Murphy Bed

Creative Solutions for Hopeless Romantics

In the late 1890s, William Lawrence Murphy, the brains behind the Murphy Bed, had a problem. He was an eligible bachelor with his eye on a lovely young opera singer—and no respectable way to woo her. According to the moral code of the time, Murphy’s San Francisco one-room apartment wasn’t suitable for entertaining female guests.

If necessity is the mother of innovation, his desire surely motivated Murphy to find a solution. By designing the world’s first fold-up bed using pivot and counterbalance technology, Murphy could easily stow his bed away, transforming his humble bedroom into a salon appropriate for mixed company.

Even though we’ve never found a credible ending to the actual story, we like to think that Murphy married the girl, secured the patent, and lived happily ever after.

Who knows?

What we do know, is that since the late 1990s, Portland Closet Co., has been providing innovative solutions for your biggest space-saving challenges.


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