Large or small, a custom-designed closet will maximize your storage space while providing a home for all elements of your wardrobe. There many benefits with the addition of a custom closet system includes shelving, built-in drawers, hanging sections, and cabinets that make your routine easier.  Common closet organization features include:

  • Hanging space for short, medium, and long hanging items
  • Adjustable shelving for folded items and shoes
  • Drawer storage for clothing and jewelry
  • Doored cabinets for enclosed storage
  • Accessories, such as laundry hampers, mirrors, belt and tie racks, shoe racks, and valet closet rods
  • Integrated peninsula or island design
  • LED lighting options
  • Wall-mounted (floating) or floor-based systems


Our custom closets are customized to match your lifestyle, individual needs, and budget. Your day starts and ends with your closet, so it should be a place that promotes peace; not disarray or stress. We bring organization to your home through a custom closet organizer. When it comes to the custom design of one of the most private spaces in your home, we partner with you to transform your closet into a space you enjoy. There are no limits to what our humble closet store can do for you. Here are just a few of the options:

Men's Reach-In Closet

Reach-in Closet

Reach-in closets are usually an arm’s length in depth. Maximizing their vertical space is ideal. We utilize space above and below the traditional hanging bar with dresser drawers and storage shelves.

Master Walk-In Closet Driftwood

Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closets offer more depth and space, allowing a person to step inside. Usually attached to the master bedroom, these closets may have to accommodate more than one person. Our closets help to separate and organize, to suit everyone’s’ needs.

White and Wood Walk-In Closet

Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms are the ultimate in luxury closets. We offer a huge range of options such as seating, a gallery wall for a collection of items like shoes, full-length mirrors, and specialty lighting where you need it.


Wardrobe Closet

A wardrobe is a freestanding closet such as an armoire, that can bring a regal look and tone to a room. This is a great option in older homes where closet space is small to nonexistent.

Kid's Reach-In Closet

Kids Closet

Kids grow quickly, and their needs and sizes change often. Our kids’ closets offer more adjustable shelves and rods allowing their closet to change with them.

Kid's Reach-In Closet

Teen Closet

Having a place for everything is key to keeping a teen closet from migrating to the rest of their bedroom. Our teen’s closets offer more hanging options from clothes to backpacks, and places for accessories like hats or jewelry.


You usually can’t change the size of your closet, but you can change how well it functions. It is the details and our accessories that really transform your space.

Men's Walk-In Closet

Sitting Bench

Transform your closet into a dressing room by adding a seating area. Save space by incorporating drawers or a storage box.

Men's Walk-In Closet

Integrated Peninsula or Island

Add countertop space to display your favorite items or a work surface to layout your wardrobe and put away laundry. Islands are a great place to add jewelry drawers, laundry hampers, ironing boards, and more.

Traditional Crown Molding


Add molding to your cabinets to create that fine furniture feel.


Scroll over image or select the highlighted features to see some of the many options that can go into your custom designed closet. Click outside of a feature to deselect it.


Add a personal touch to your storage system by selecting from our wide variety of finish, hardware, style, and accessory options.


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