The grim truth about garage organization is that most people don’t have it. In fact, one out of four Americans with a two-car garage does not have room in the garage to park either car. Why is this? They cannot get the stuff in their garage organized. With a disorganized space, you spend much more time looking for things and less time doing things. Adding these four garage accessories is the first step towards garage organization.

Horizontal Bike Rack

Bikes are such a nightmare to store on the floor of the garage. They tip over and you risk running over them with the car. Instead, install bike hooks on the wall for every bike in the house. It gets them up off the floor. You can also install them at pretty much any level on the wall, so even the kids can retrieve their bikes and put them away.

Mini Hooks

Mini hooks in your garage fulfill a variety of purposes. If your family leaves and returns to the home through the garage every day, you can use mini hooks to keep track of almost everything you might need on your way out. Installed into slat wall, mini hooks are sturdy but designed to hold smaller items like backpacks, coats, umbrellas, reusable grocery bags, small tools and cleaning supplies.

Magnetic Toolbar

You might have a toolbox or elegant tool storage container for the tools you like to use. However, there are a few items that you need on practically a daily basis. You do not want to have to go hunting through a toolbox to get them, so you need a magnetic toolbar instead. The toolbar holds the tools in place, and all you have to do is grab and go.

Medium Baskets

Wall baskets are the best complement for the storage of smaller items. Baskets slide into slat storage and help you keep various groups of things organized. Set aside one basket for cleaning supplies and another for car treatment solutions and towels.

These Portland garage accessories are just the start of what we can offer to customize your garage storage design. If you have been dying to find a place in your garage for your car, request a free customization quote.